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Last Mile Delivery Services

Streamline Your Final Mile Logistics

At 十大菠菜台子, we understand last mile delivery (also called final mile) can make or break your organization’s reputation. Meeting end-customer expectations while effectively managing this challenging mode can be time-consuming and costly for shippers of all sizes.

十大菠菜台子's turnkey final mile services combines our intuitive and efficient technology, expert team, and key relationships with linehaul carriers and specialized delivery providers to simplify your logistics and drive customer satisfaction.

Simplify Your Final Mile Delivery

When your customers place an order, they expect quick, hassle-free shipping and a seamless delivery experience, no matter how large or small their order. Final mile deliveries are the last link in a long supply chain , and getting it right is critical to delivering customer satisfaction and driving repeat business.

  • Color_Competitive Rates

    Competitive Rates

    Reduced accessorial charges and claims combined with a higher delivery success rate make the 十大菠菜台子 last mile shipping solution very competitive as compared to utilizing traditional LTL.

  • Color_Damage-Claims

    Reduced Claims

    Conscientious drivers, less handling, and the ability to seamlessly deliver to residential locations, businesses with limited access, and those which lack shipping docks results in reduced damages and claims.

  • Color_Trusted Experience

    Experienced Team

    Our experienced team members will help guide you through every step of the final mile shipping process and forge a collaborative and strategic partnership that is built to last.

Award-winning Technology To Support Your Last Mile Logistics Strategy

Our award-winning shipping technology and logistics platform, 十大菠菜台子 TMS, sets us apart from the competition by providing our clients an enterprise-level, ecommerce integration-ready, next-generation logistics platform that provides you the visibility, efficiency, and analytics to propel your business forward. The 十大菠菜台子 TMS simplifies and streamlines the Final Mile shipping process by automatically pairing the LTL linehaul carrier with the appropriate provider for each and every one of your shipments.

  • Color_Tech-Visibility

    Control Tower View

    The 十大菠菜台子 TMS provides a control tower view of your final mile delivery operation, providing you greater visibility and control.

  • Color_Tech-E-commerce

    E-commerce Integration

    十大菠菜台子’s TMS is ecommerce integration-ready, delivering an improved customer experience and overall efficiency.

  • Color_Tech-Consolidated Billing

    Consolidated Billing

    十大菠菜台子’s TMS automatically consolidates invoices and BOLs from the line haul and final mile logistics providers into a single invoice and BOL.

Doorstep Delivery Program for Oversized Parcel

If your parcels exceed 50 lbs. and/or are over 60 inches in length, you may be at risk for rejected parcels, late deliveries, service delays, significant rate increases, and no shipment guarantees. ​

十大菠菜台子’s Doorstep Delivery program leverages our final mile logistics services and white glove network, offering an alternative logistics solution for shippers who experience shipment rejections from major parcel carriers due to capacity constraints. The 十大菠菜台子 Doorstep Delivery Program will ensure your parcels arrive on-time and in-budget.

White Glove Delivery of Washer

十大菠菜台子 Recognized by Inbound Logistics as a Green Supply Chain Partner


Connect with a Final Mile Shipping Specialist Today

十大菠菜台子 combines technology, relationships with best-in-class carriers and an experienced team of experts to support your shipping needs. To take control of your last mile logistics, please contact us today at 866-275-1407 or complete the form to have an expert reach out to you.